Monday, December 21, 2009

Christmas Ornaments

We have a tradition at our house. Every year the kids both get new ornaments. I write the year on the ornament and if room, their name. I didn't let Peyton pick out his ornament back in October when the Christmas merchandise first started appearing in stores. Well, I should have as when we finally made it to a store last weekend, the Disney Cars ones were all gone! I searched on Ebay to see what I could find and came across one he REALLY likes. BUT, I refused to pay $12 for it and decided to a make it.
Chris actually did most of it. He went and bought a Lightning McQueen diecast car and a little screw hook. He screwed a tiny hole in the top and twisted the little hook eye in. I tied a ribbon on it and wrote the date on the spoiler. Peyton was SSSOOOO excited. This is him hauling the car to the tree. lol....
Here he is showing me the ornament. Yes, once again in underwear, I still can't get him to wear pants inside or smile normally.

Here is the ornament. If Peyton is still into cars next year I think it would be a lot of fun to buy him his own tree and create a bunch of these.

Remember my story about Maddy and my Cosmo Cricket? Well I got pictures of her getting into it. The little stinker even figured out how to open my scrapbook curio. She rolls over to it, kicks it and pops the door open!
She's thinking, "I wonder if Mommy is paying any attention...that is pretty cute Cosmo Cricket....I know its Mommy's favorite...should I or shouldn't I?"
I have a couple layouts to share tomorrow!


Rbarakat said...

I think Maddie should get some cosmo cricket for CHristmas! She is a scrapbooker in the making!

pattiwest said...

The underpants kid strikes again!! holy crap Kay...that kid is funny! :) Love his ornament and your little Maddy...scootin' over to the CC?! LOL!!!

Jamilie said...

Maddie has awesome taste on paper... LOL! Love the ornament!

Bev said...

very cute.. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you and the family


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