Thursday, December 17, 2009

First Snow

We got our first snow a while back. Peyton was over the top excited and kept asking Chris if he could go sledding. It was the powder snow that just blew away thanks to the sub 0 degree weather. I bundled him up in his snow suite and adorable hat and let him go outside for a short bit to play.

The black scallop circle, snowflakes, and tacky tape scalloped circle frame came from Creative Cuts & More. This was my first go round at playing with a tacky tape die cut. Can you say 'hooked'? It was so much fun. I took some step by step pictures so you can get a better idea. First off this is a double sided sticky shape.
First, peel off the brown layer. Sprinkle flock or glitter (both available at CC&M).

Here is what it looks like. Then all you need to do is peel off the back and stick it where you want it! How fun and easy is that?

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Suzanne said...

Your layout is stinkin' CUTE! Great tip on the tacky tape. I have some, but something that cute requires pulling out the old Sizzix machine. :rolling eyes: But I might do it, just to show ya. LOL BTW, kids have no thermostats, so I'm sure he was toasty warm. :-)


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