Tuesday, December 29, 2009

11 Months

I can't believe Miss Madeline Marie is 11 months already! wow...I can believe, however, that I missed getting her picture on the 26th! A day or two really doesn't make a whole lot of difference though.

  • Weighs 24 pounds
  • Is crawling up a storm.
  • Trying REALLY hard to pull herself up.
  • Is climbing already (I'm scared, very very scared).
  • If I leave her in the living room and go to the bathroom I hear her talking and crawling to find me.
  • She is quite vocal.
  • She really likes to play with whatever Peyton is playing with (surprise, surprise)
  • She likes watching Sedona and I swear she tried to say Sedona the other day
  • She travels pretty well and doesn't seem to mind her carseat.
  • She still LOVES food. I can't feed her and then eat dinner. She gets quite upset. I have to give her some puffs even though she just ate.


pattiwest said...

She is precious, Kay!! Love the crocheted sweater!

Jamilie said...

Love the photo!! :-) Such a cutie! Time does fly!

gottaluvboyz said...

11 Months already...no way!! What a cutie:)

Mara... said...

OH my, what a CUTE photo!!! She is such a cutie!!! Happy 11 months to her!


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