Sunday, February 15, 2009

This is why....

I try to take a shower when Chris is home!

You may ask where his pants are? Well I've learned to pick my battles and wearing pants while at home just isn't one of them, haha!!! Yes, those are my shoes, he pulled all the shoes from underneath the bed and found pairs, then pair by pair put them on and walked into my bathroom where he left them and went for another pair! If the picture was better you could see at least 4 more pairs of shoes in the bathroom. My FatBaby boots are his fave! Prior to that he was trying to take his sister for a 'spin'. Literally, he started to push her bassinet she was in in a circle! Like I said I choose my battles. Don't really care about the pants, but spinning sister is a battle I won!


**Nancy** said...

lol! Too funny!

Karen Reichel said...

Haha! Heis just trying to be a big boy and help ;)


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