Thursday, February 5, 2009

New Pictures

Thought I'd share a few more pics. How cute is this hat? My mom made it while we were in the hospital waiting for my contractions to pick up. She so stinkin' talented!

Madeline stretching...I just love watching her stretch and listening to her little noises and grunts!

Peyton just LOVES his baby sister. He was so excited when we asked him if he wanted to hold her. Just look at his proud smile!

Here is another one!
He is such a wonderful big brother and loves to help. Here he was holding her hand cause she was making a fussing sound and holding her pacifier in her mouth for her. I caught him standing on his chair next to the bassinet talking to her and trying to give her her paffers (pacifier) yesterday.


Maevan said...

OMG! Kayla, she's so gorgeous! She's making me want another one *sigh*

BTW, I've tagged you :)

Karen Reichel said...

These are wonderful photos! Can't wait to see the baby girl ones on a layout!


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