Saturday, February 7, 2009

Commonly heard....

Some things heard often around my house lately:
  • "Don't eat her mommy, don't eat her!", coming from Peyton when I am giving Madeline Moochies.
  • "Check it out Mommy, dats really cool man!" as said by Peyton when doing something new or playing with a car.
  • "Look Mommy!!!" - As we were riding in the truck, Peyton decided he wanted to hold Madelines hand. How sweet is that?
  • "You feed Baby Sister Addy (can't get him to say Maddy for some reason) chocolate milk?" - Peyton asked me this as I was nursing Madeline.
  • "There's Baby Sister Madeline Addy!" lol...gotta have both the name and nickname, again he for some reason won't say Maddy.
  • "I love you so much" followed by a big hug and sweet is that?
  • "Can we go to Grandma and Grandpa GG's?" This is heard daily and often more times than I can count!
  • "You get to go to Grandma and Grandpa GG's cause you a big boy?" We tried to bribe Peyton to go potty in the toilet by a special trip to his GGs house. Well the little smarty pants now comes in when we are in the bathroom and proceeds to tell us we can go to Grandma and Grandpa GG's cause we are big boys and go pee pee in the
  • "Dats silly"
  • "You a silly goose"
  • "Yeah, I DO I DO" as he claps his hands jumps up and down and turns around. This often follows after we offer him a favorite snack or ask him if he wasnt to so something or go somewhere.

Peytons favorite activites: playing with cars, doing puzzles and playing with sticker books. He still enjoys reading, but not as much as other activities these days.

Madelines favorite activiites: Eating and ya couldn't have guessed that one huh?

I am amazed at how incredibly sweet Peyton is. He will out of the blue come up to Chris and I and tell us he loves us and give us kisses and hugs. He does the same with Maddy. He will be playing and then just walk over to Maddy and give her kisses on the forehead.

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gottaluvboyz said...

How sweet...sounds like Peyton is doing great w/ his little sister, thus far:)


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