Thursday, February 26, 2009

1 month!

I typed this up last week and then forgot to post it! Oops!!!

Madeline turned 1 month old on Monday! I can't believe a month has gone by already! Here are some 1 month tidbits:
  • 7 lbs 14 oz.
  • 20 1/2 inches
  • She eats like crazy (hence the the HUGE weight gain)
  • She can sleep 5 hours...if she wants to (key words if and want!)
  • She is awake and alert more often
  • Her favorite position is to be laying on your chest
  • The light in her bassinet seems so really sooth her and be the key to end the little fussing she does
  • She grunts a lot and makes tons of cute little noises

Another note, Chris wakes up to her fussing and noises WAY before I do! He scared the tar out of me at 3 this morning when he was standing between my side of the bed and the bassinet reaching for a burp rag on my nightstand! I thought the moms were the ones who woke up to everything and the dads slept through it all! Guess it shows how tired I truly am!

I am taking monthly pictures of Madeline next to this teddy to show how much she has grown! Here she is at 1 month!

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