Friday, July 2, 2010

What I've been up too!

I haven't had a whole lot of scrapbooking time lately. I've been making these...
180 to be exact! Yep, my brother in law is getting married in two weekends. I saw these really cute utensil holders and offered to make them! Aren't they fun? Warning though, they take a lot more time than you think! lol....I should have gotten a close up as I embossed the yellow pieces of paper with a polka dot pattern. Oh and another tip...although poster board may be a lot cheaper to make these, typical paper adhesive doesn't work quite as well on them! Hence the staples!
Our little town has a big westerny type event every year. It includes a rodeo, a carnival, a little Saturday market type event, live music, bbq, etc. A local business made stick horses for the kids to paint at the park and race Sunday at the rodeo. Peyton was gone, but luckily they let me take one anyways. Later I found out it didn't have to be that style of stick horse, it could be any stick horse.
Sunday morning Peyton painted his horse.
Sunday afternoon we went to the fairgrounds for him to participate in a stick horse race. Chris was gone for the weekend for his brothers bachelor party. I was lucky enough to have my soon to be sister in law offer to stay Saturday night with us. While she held Maddy in the stands, I took Peyton down to the arena for his race.

Here he is racing. He was quite overwhelmed with everything (as you can tell from the above picture) and wasn't quite sure what to do so he got a late start. He seemed to enjoy it and said he'd like to do it next year.


Suzanne said...

Ohmygosh, those utensil thingies are CUTE! What a great idea! Love the pics of Peyton, how fun for him! You're such a great mom. :-)

Lolis said...

Love your utensil holders, great colors! Great pictures of Peyton you really capture the moment! It is great that you enjoy your babies, they grow up so fast!

Mara... said...

wow, that is so sweet of you to make those utensil holders! They turned out great. And what a fun thing with the horsey race!! My kids would love that.

Sarah Lou said...

Oh My! darn tooting cutest cowboy ever!!!!!!!!! I love that idea!!!

and the utensil holders - you must be a very good sister in law!!!!!!!!!! they look fabulouos!

ScrapMomOf2 said...

He is SO CUTE!! OMG, those utensil holders are WONDERFUL!! Believe me, they LOOK like they took a lot of time!! Gorgeous!!


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