Saturday, July 31, 2010

SCORE!!!! And Cosmo Cricket Layout

First off, I hit a jackpot of a garage sale. I got Maddy 6 pair of pants (mostly jeans), 8 tops, 1 pair of brand new winter boots, 3 shoes (one brand new), 2 pairs o f pj's, 1 pair of tights, 1 pair of mittens and a hat for $20! Oh, and that included a super cute and nice OSU Nike jog suit for my brother's little one. Although I may just try to squeeze the little Miss in! Yep, I LOVE my garage sales! Best way to cloth your child on a budget!

Well, this layout worked for two different challenges. One here and one here. Both challenge required to use mostly Cosmo Cricket. One required stitching. The other required to scrap your scrapbook addiction, use three pieces of patterned paper, a punch and the negative of that punch.
I used the corner rounder punch. The red shapes hold the negative of the punches. I then drew little stitches in as I was too lazy to actually hand stitch all of those. Oh, and before I forget, I got the shape idea off of a template from Ideas for Scrapbookers!
Here is a close up. I matted the patterned paper to give it a little oomph.

I am addicted to Cosmo Cricket! They are such an incredibly company! LOVE LOVE LOVE their products. And on top of that you don't get more fun than Lindsay and Julie (and Eric and the other behind the scenes I haven't met too, I'm sure you all are a hoot). If you haven't checked out their blog you should.

I have been spending more time in the car and/or truck since we moved. I love it when Chris drives and I can interact with the kids more.
Maddy often wants to hold her stuffed animal or baby doll while she has her bottle or bowl of snacks.
And Peyton...well the poor kid gets car sick. So he does all he can to not puke! lol...


A Sarasota said...

Stunning LO! Love the red negative punches, awesome!
I used to love me some yard sales when I loved in Nashville... everything I wore for three years I got from sales!
Your kids are so ADORABLE! great pix.

Mel said...

Love that page and the pics of the kids in their carseats are adorable! Congrats on the Garage sale scores:)

gottaluvboyz said...

What a great layout, Kayla! I love how you are so willing to try different techniques and not me:/ Awesome scores at the garage sale. I wish I would make the effort to get out to them more often, but with four kiddos in tow I think it could get stressful. LOL

Sarah Lou said...

Wowsa!!!!!! this is the most lo ever!!

Suzanne said...

Love the layout! And I'm right there with Peyton on car sickness. I always have to drive to avoid the yuckies.

sarah said...

i'm loving your LOs... and wahooo to finding bargains! i'm all for that.


ScrapMomOf2 said...

I love this layout, and I love the peeps at Cosmo!! They're the best!

OMG, I love garage sales, and I used to love when I hit the jackpot with clothes and toys when the girls were little! It's the BEST! Some of my favorite pieces when they were little came from a garage sale! I LOVE them!!

Jill Sarginson said...

Awesome score! love yard sales!! :)

Great cc layout too ... :)

and those pics of the kiddies are way too cute!

Paisley Petals said...

So much detail on the LO - LOVE it! I bet you don't believe me since I've said that for 4 layouts in a row. hehehe

How cute is Maddy holding that giraffe? OMGosh :)

Poor Peyton :( Have you tried the thing behind his ear? Or one of those wristbands?


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