Wednesday, May 6, 2009


Peyton is at such a fun age. We have been having all sorts of fun conversations. Here are a couple of them.

He has been saying 'yesternight' a lot lately. This morning as we were playing with his puzzles he told me "Yesternight I went fishing and thought I caught a fish, but just caught a worm." I asked him where he went fishing and he told me "I go fishing in the pool."

He also said "yesternight I saw a worm at Mema's in a puddle." I said, "really, thats cool.' He said "It was squished." I asked him if Grandpa ran over it. He said, "No, grandpa only ran over the rocks."

I told him "You are so cute I could just eat you up!". He replied, "No Mommy, I not a chicken, when I a chicken you can eat me up."
In this picture he decided to get himself stuck in the coffee table.

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