Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Great weekend!

We had a wonderful weekend. We camped in a new area this year and I really liked it. We drove out through Simnashio. It was a very pretty drive. I loved seeing all the pretty wild horses along the way. There were a ton of them.

Maddy woke up the first morning all smiles, I think she like camping and I know she LOVES our bed (where she took her naps).

We took a little drive and when I looked back to see how Maddy was doing she was staring at Peyton with a big ole smile on.
We camped near a pond and Peyton LOVED to walk up to or ride his bike to it and either fish or throw rocks in it.

I am so glad Chris's brothers were able to make it with their girlfriends. They were a HUGE help with Peyton. Peyton just loves them to death! He some how convinced them all to ride his scooter with him while he rode his bike. Below is Peyton and his Uncle Adam doing laps around camp.

Peyton often got his Uncle Coco and Amanda to walk up to the pond with him.

Hope everyone else enjoyed their weekend!

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ellen s. said...

great pix! wasn't it great to be outside?!


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