Sunday, May 31, 2009

Another Mini!

I have been on a mini kick lately! I really like making them. Here is one I made a couple weeks ago for my cousin who is having a baby in July. She asked if I could make one in red, black and white. It freaked me out at first as I couldn't find any red, white and black. Remember I live in a little little town with no shopping choices. BUT, luckily to some great friends with great stashes I was able to round up enough paper. I have to admit, I'm really liking the color combo.


Tammydee said...

That turned out adorable!!

Vivienne said...

OK - this is adorable. Starting with your header, btw, and you have such cute kiddos! Brilliant paper crafts.
Thanks for stopping by.

Suzanne said...

That's so cute! She'll love it!

Jess said...

I agree - your header is adorable! I also love how this mini book turned out!


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