Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Fell off the bandwagon....

I have fallen off the scrappy bandwagon.  How I miss it and want to jump back on board!  I was able to finish up a layout this week (in the whole half hour I had, haha!).  But other than that it has been a couple weeks.  :-(  I think National Scrapbook weekend was when I scrapped last.  The kids are demanding more and we have been gone lots.  Hopefully this summer I will be able to find more time.  Maybe bribe the kids with a trip to the park if they give me some scrappy time without fighting and tons of interruptions.  

One of this months challenges at Birds of a Feather is to scraplift a layout in the gallery.  I chose this beautiful layout by my super talented friend Karen.    
And this is my take on it:  
 I really want to keep going on my Project 12 (a layout each month recapping the month).  I loved her squares and used that as my jumping point.  Its not very exciting...none of my Project 12 layouts are.  But they are done and I am okay with that.

This past weekend we went camping.  YAY!  Oh, how I have missed camping!  I really wish I could buck up and learn how to drive the trailer so that we could do it more often.  Its the whole backing thing that has me scared.  Anyhow....we were able to get our favorite spot.  It seems people go out earlier and earlier every year to snag there spots.  I started getting anxious seeing all the trucks and trailers headed through town.
 What is camping with out a little Washers?  My father in law built this game and it is one of our favorites.
Maddy sitting with her Grandma.  Stealing her lemonade.  Poor Grandma couldn't keep a bottle of ice tea or lemonade without the kids trying to take sips off it.  I have ice tea too, but Grandma's is better!  :-)  Isn't that true though?  Its always better if it comes from a Grandma!
 The kids had a blast in their Power Wheels Jeep. Unfortunately, the tires are getting bald and it struggles getting traction out at camp.  They still had fun though.  Grandpa and Grandma got their workout pushing the kids around when they got stuck and/or wouldn't go.
 I think the Little Miss will be our Archery girl.  She had a lot of fun with Peyton's bow and arrow.
 A new tradition for us is saving our Christmas tree and the last night of Memorial Day Weekend camp tossing it on the fire.  Its is neat to watch!

I am still couponing.  I get giddy with excitement when I can go into a store and walk out with freebies (the Colgate toothpaste and some of the sodas) or cheap cheap items like boxes of cereal for 75 cents.  I have spent a lot of time in this new hobby and am just now learning how to take less time saving money.
 Then there is t-ball.  Peyton is LOVING it!  He caught his first ball in the air that was hit by the opposing team!  VERY cool to watch!  I have been a bad mommy about getting photos.  MUST.REMEMBER.CAMERA!  Here is the Miss Maddy on her way to last nights game.
 Yes that is a tiara and camo jacket.  What is missing in the photo is the blue Spiderman sandals with Princess socks on.  haha!

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~jan said...

You sure do make camping look fun, Kay! :) You are busy making memoried and taking pictures of the kiddos - there will always be time to scrap later. ;)

Izzy Anderson said...

I've missed your blogging! Thanks so much for all the love on my blog. You're such a sweet friend, Kayla. LOVE your layout. Camping fun. Yay!

Hannah said...

I am really wanting to take Rolli and Viv camping! Our little outing the other day was so much fun but I can only handle a couple of hours on my own and the poor kids could have stayed for days. I can't believe how much time kids take up! We mostly always have fun but I do wish I had more time for sewing. I guess I'll just put my crafting on hold for the next 18 years...

Rita Barakat said...

lol fun pics - great lo! I was thinking about brining the kids the same way!!! Ahhh summer...


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