Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Here is another layout from our Cruise using the Salt Air line from Cosmo Cricket.  Well, not much of it, but I wanted it to match the last layout I did.  This layout ended up being mostly cardstock!   
 Puerto Vallart was our favorite port on our Cruise last year.  We would love to return to an all inclusive resort there sometime.  We took a risk and hopped on a tour.  It was a big van with three bench seats in the back.  That was such a great decision!  Our driver was so relaxed and fun.  He stopped where we asked and gave us tons of info.  One of our stops was a Tequila factory.  That was fun!  Nothing like sampling tequila at 10:30 in the morning!  Haha!  We also saw a few view points, ate at an off the path restaurant and did a little shopping.  One very interesting thing we learned there is that power tools are rarely used!  We saw a man cutting away at a metal bar with a saw!  This is why construction takes so long.

Last weekend we had a free afternoon! What was that...a gasp I heard?  I know, I know...how long has it been since I've mentioned I had a Saturday afternoon free?  Yeah, I can't remember either.  We decided to take a drive to a nearby reservoir.  I hadn't ever been there before, and had been wanting to go.  It is roughly a half hour away.  I was pleasantly surprised.  The park and campground were clean and pretty!  I have a feeling we will make our way out there at some point this summer to camp.

We walked down to the water.  I was shocked when Peyton asked if he could wade in the water!  It was sunny and almost 60, so why not?  We rolled up his pants and in he went.  Of course Maddy had to follow. We just pulled her leggings off and let her go in her skirt.
 They were having so much fun and getting carried away, and ended up like this:
 Yep, we stripped off their pants!  haha!  Nobody else was around, so why not let them have a little fun and wade in deaper?

Tonight was Peyton's first t-ball game.  Chris is coaching this year.  It went great and Peyton had a blast.  I went in a thick hooded sweatshirt as well as my Carhart.  I ended up with Chris's Carhart over mine and still was cold!  Here is the team huddling.

 Peyton up to bat.....
The season is off to a good start!


Mara Campbell said...

I love the collage of photos on your layout, what a great way to get lots of photos on one layout. Love the bright fun colors, too!!

And whenever my kids just want to put their feet in the ocean, they end up soaking wet...whether or not they are wearing suits!! LOL!

Stacey said...

Just checked out your makeover project...looks amazing!!! I love it!

I hope you come and play along with us on the I2S forum one of these days. I know how hard it is to fit it all in, though! :)


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