Monday, June 4, 2012

More Layouts and Pictures

I discovered a few layouts I had completed a month or more ago! 

My apologies again for the bad pictures.  

I am pretty sure I used a sketch for this one, but can't remember.  I think I need to start writing the sketch I used on the back of the layout when I am done.  Chris and I love to go to Charlie's.  It is one of our favorite restaurants.  We try to go on St. Patties Day every year to get our green bombers (green beers).  
 Another layout I came across.  Again, I think I used a sketch but am not sure.
I have been keeping my layouts pretty simple.  

We had a heck of a busy week last week.  Peyton's school had an Olympic event.  It was so much fun to watch all the kids.  Each class represented a different Country.  Peyton's class was Japan. They spent a few weeks learning about Japan and then created shirts and hats for the event.  Each child did one running event and one field event.  

 Friday night was Peyton's school Carnival.  It is the PTO's big fundraiser.  I was volunteering to help set it up and worth the ticket table, so the kids Great Grandparents came over to watch them and take them to the carnival.  They had a lot of fun.  Of course, they wanted to play on the playground for a bit too.  It cracks me up that there are all sorts of fun game booths and the kids are drawn to the playground.
 Saturday and Sunday we picked did some planting.  The kids had a blast helping.

Thanks for stopping by!


Heather Landry said...

There's absolutely nothing wrong with keeping it simple. Your pages look amazing! I loved the photos too. I can definitely sympathize with busy!

Izzy Anderson said...

Your layouts look great. I am all for simple!! Cute pics. The school event looks fun!


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