Wednesday, June 6, 2012

More layouts and Photos

As I mentioned in a previous post, I discovered some layouts I hadn't taken pictures of and shared and also found a few on my little netbook I don't use very often anymore.  

This is another quick and simple layout.  Lately I have been creating layouts with many photos and two pages layouts.  The pictures in the layout are from when both brothers and sisters in laws came over to work on wedding invitations and party favors for one of the brother in laws wedding.  Confused yet?  Maybe I should just toss out the in-law part.  :-)  Maddy was quite attached to her Uncle Adam.  Ad one point I caught her sitting in his lap as he was trying to work on the wedding invitations.  So cute!  :-)  I am so blessed with fantastic brother and sisters that the kids love!  :-)  
The line above is super old.  But I loved it so much I couldn't get rid of it and knew I could create a layout with a few small scraps!  

Next up is my March Project 12 layout.  Project 12 is important to me.  Even if I don't have time to be scrappy, I try my best to at least get my Project 12 done.  I think years down the road I will enjoy reading the recaps of every month.  March was full of the kiddos being sick.  :-(  They got better just in time for Spring Break which we spent camping.  

I am so excited to be seeing more and more garage sales pop up.  :-)  This was my haul from last weekend. 4 games for the kids, a camping folding chair (like new), a little purse for me, a book for Maddy, a few craft kits for the kids, a few pieces of clothing and two little clipboard things I plan to use for a road trip.  They open up and have a compartment perfect for a coloring book and some markers.  No more 'uh oh Mommy, the bag of markers fell' the kids getting frustrated with not having a hard surface to color on.  All this for $12.  I was pretty happy about that!  Especially considering we have played most of the games many times now as well as the book has helped Miss Maddy not have accidents.  

I also found this purse Maddy is holding at a garage sale.  It looked new.  I got it for my sister in law who mentioned she was wanting a purple purse.  Maddy would NOT let it out of her site!  She even went to bed with it and took it to the grocery store and carnival with her!  Haha!  
 We had a few nice days last week.  The kids were able to get outside and play. While on their play structure, they found a frog!  I was shocked to see both of them picking up the frog!
 Even Maddy caught it and held it!
Crazy kids!  It is pretty darn cute to watch Maddy try though as she is usually just an inch short of grabbing it before it hops away.  haha!  I sure hope warm weather is on its way back again.  I'd like to get back outside and not freeze!

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~jan said...

I cant believe how bug your kiddos are getting, Kay! What a wonderful layout and your Project 12 is awesome!

My PC is in the shop so I have to answer yuor question from my blog here (sorry!) the strips and pocket are from LYB. I covered the fron of the pocket with some PP. They had a couple different versions of those strips at one time, not sure if they have them anymore or not.

Kelly C said...

Looks like she didn't want to hold the frog! LOL!
Great page :)


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