Monday, March 19, 2012

Couponing and Before & Afters

Hello all! I hope you all have sunny warm weather and are healthy! That is what I wish I had right now! It has tried to snow the last couple of days here. We've had a few flakes and cold cold temps.

At the beginning of the year I decided to attempt couponing a bit more vigorously than I had been doing. I ended up hosting a couponing class and learned a handful of VERY helpful tips. Recently a friend decided to get into couponing also and we have been bouncing ideas off of each other and going in on special deals together. Last week we were going to attempt a 'couponing' trip together. That didn't work out, but we split it up and did one store each. She went to Albertson's and I went to Safeway. This is what I ended up with:
4 All detergents, 8 bags of Doritos, 2 large jugs of Brisk Ice Tea, Snyder Pretzels, a tube of Crest toothpaste and a bag of Tyson Chicken fries. All of this for a grand total of $28.70! I saved over $55! Not too shabby for a beginner! Now half of the chips went to my friend and I stored all of mine up on top of the cupboards, out of the kids view. I don't buy chips very often, but they are a staple for our camping. Camping season is coming up quickly!

I have spent quite a bit of time cutting coupons and studying ads. Last night, Peyton wanted to join me. He asked for a pen and sat down and circled all the things he thought we needed. :-) So darn cute! You can't really see it, but he circled the crackers, raisins and Craisins. I elected NOT to show you the page with the candy! haha!
Poor Peyton and Maddy caught a tummy bug this weekend. :-( I felt so bad for them. So helpless, week and miserable. We were in the car headed out of town before we realized they had it. But thankfully we were headed to my moms. She was a lifesaver. She watched the kids so we were still able to go out for our traditional green bombers (green beers) at our favorite restaurant. She was up at 2, 3, 4 and in between helping Chris take care of Maddy. Where was I you might ask? Well, I was afraid of Peyton waking up and puking so I went back to lay with him. Apparently I sacked out hard and didn't hear the commotion going on all through the night.

Aren't these faces just sad?

Last weekend we tackled a home project. Chris finished it up yesterday and we both are LOVING the make-over. It isn't quite done yet, but here is what we have done so far.

The before, beige walls, NOTHING up for decor.
This is the after:
A pretty greyish blue on 3 of the walls and a deep blue on the back wall. It is VERY hard to get a good picture in a inside bathroom where there is NO, absolutely NO natural light. Notice the mirror. I found the idea to do this on Pinterest, here. We went to Lowe's and bought a couple 12x12 sheets of smaller tiles, cut them apart, and glued them on! All the items on the counter were picked up on vacations over the past 10 years. I plan on putting them up on the wall, just need to figure out placement.

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gottaluvboyz said...

Awesome job on the couponing!!! Your poor lil ones:( The bathroom...WOW!!!! What an improvement! It looks great:)

Izzy Anderson said...

I love what you did with the mirror. The makeover looks great! That was a good coupon haul. I have no patience for coupons unless it is a scrappy coupon of course!

Hannah said...

I love the mirror too!


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