Friday, March 16, 2012

Cosmo Cricket Challenge and Catch Up

Hello all! I've been busy busy! I can't believe a week has passed!

Last week was Classified Appreciation week. I had good intentions of making something for wonderful staff at Peyton's school. But with the kids recovering from the sickies and me fighting whatever they had, I just could not get it done. I thought I'd make some brownies for the staff. Better late than never, right? So I swung by the Dollar Tree and picked up some little containers for the brownies. I saw the Cosmo Cricket's challenge for this week and thought flowers would make the containers so much prettier. Here is what I came up with:
I apologize for the bad pictures. At some point, I will find time to play with my camera and figure out how to take better pictures. My life will slow down, right?
And a close up. I cut the flower pieces out with my Cricut using the Flower Shoppe cartridge.
I doodled a line around the edge of the flowers to help them stand out a bit and glued a button for the flower center.
Here is a picture of the yummy brownies I made. Want the recipe? I'll share it soon! It is SUPER easy! I mean...SUPER easy! :-)

I have very little Easter and Spring decor. I was hoping to making something fun and new this year. But so far haven't had time. I saw an idea on Pinterest and figured it would do for now. The container was leftover from my Christmas Bazaar. It was a candlestick spray painted black with a vase glued on top.
Easy peasy and fun!

I was going through Peyton's backpack the other day and was looking at the work he had done. This is what I found:
Notice in the upper middle of the page and down the right side he wrote: I like my sister and mom becus tha cum to my sckool'. How sweet is that? It just melted my heart. I want to frame it! I have been going into Peyton's kindergarten classroom quite a bit lately. After my first couple times in the room I asked him if he was okay with me volunteering in his classroom. He said he wished I could go in there every day. He also enjoys it when Maddy comes with me. Maddy loves it and has no fear walking right into the middle of all the kids and plopping herself down right next to the other kiddos.

I have been wanting to do more crafts and projects with Peyton. I saw this idea on Pinterest and Peyton wanted to try it. We made one for each of the Grandmas and Great Grandmas.
Peyton did good for a while but lost interest fast. I think it will be little while before we attempt another project.

Looking for a new recipe? How about this one. I found it on Pinterest and tried it for the first time tonight. It was yummy! A definite keeper! If you follow me on Pinterest, I have a folder for Recipes and a different ones for recipes I have tried and liked.

I hope y'all had a great week and that your weekend is even better! Anyone have fun St. Patricks Day plans?


Paisley Petals said...

Wow. You are one busy lady! The bunnies are ADORABLE and I love your canister filled with Easter goodies, too :) I so wish we lived closer *sigh*

Rita Barakat said...

Oh my that brownie looks delish!!! I love the easter decoration too soooo adorable - I am totally trying this!

Cherry's Jubilee said...

Those cottonball bunnies are adorable! love the flower containers too!


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