Monday, April 25, 2011

Satin Flowers

Quite a while ago I saw a tutorial on how to make these flowers out of satin. A few weeks ago I saw a package of them in a store and was shocked that they were so expensive. They were very pretty, and I wanted them, but I wasn't about to spend $5 on two flowers! Last weekend I saw a piece of lavender satin at a garage sale and grabbed it right away. This is what I made:
I LOVED how the flowers turned out. I'll definitely be making more and I think I'll be making some with more layers too! Now the hunt for more satin is on! I checked out our local thrift stores and the thrift stores in the town my parents live in for satin shirts but had no luck. Next trip out of town I'll be hitting on Hancocks or Jo-Annes for sure!
And to see what they look like on a full project I made a card. The purples stuff is really cool. I'm not sure how to explain it other than sorta meshy type material. My mom bought it for me from a scrapbook store going out of business at least 2 years ago! I sure wish I had more!

My Maddy, oh my Maddy, how she will kill me one day when she see's these pictures. lol...She cracks me up and is so full of life! She did this all by herself! Yep, took off EVERYTHING and put on the hat. She loves to sit on the toilet, but only when she doesn't have to go. :-/ We really need to get on the potty training. We've tried a couple times with no luck.

Thanks for stopping by!


Paisley Petals said...

You are going to be in serious trouble one day for posting that picture! lol

~jan said...

Those flowers are gorgeous! I just might have to try my hand at them. Now to find some satin...

Good luck training that silly girl!

Jill Sarginson said...

these are pretty!!


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