Friday, April 8, 2011

Project 12 March 2011 Layout using Cosmo Cricket Togetherness

I am SO happy I am doing Project 12 this year! It is definitely something I want to keep going for a LONG time! I know at the end of the year and years down the road I am going to cherish these layouts that recap our months events and happenings. I do, however, need to get better about journaling about every day stuff. Little things the kids say and do.
I apologize for the bad pictures. I've tired twice now and give up. :-( I'm not sure I am diggin' the blue base. But that is all I have. :-( I wanted a red, but don't have but a few pieces of red cardstock left and none of those reds had 2 sheets of the same shade. With no LSS nearby, I am stuck with what I have. I didn't adhere it very strongly so it will be easy to pull up later on.
Again, sorry for the bad pictures. I just love these little chipboard critters!
I wasn't happy with the grid look of photos, they each got lost. So I cut little strips of red, inked them and put over the lines where the photos met each other. I LOVE the sheet that is included with each Cosmo Crafting paper kit that is full of journaling spots!
This months recap: We had a weekend party to make all of Adam and Adina's wedding invitations as well as party favors. We had a lot of fun and it was so nice to spend so much time together. Maddy grew quite attached to her Uncle Adam. Every time I turned around he was holding her or she was in his lap. Chris hit snow on his trip to Portland to trade our trailer in for a smaller and lighter one . Thank goodness I was not with him and that his dad went. I would have made him pull over and let me out for sure! We were able to keep our tradition of going to Charlies for green bombers on St. Patricks Day. We had only a few decent days. But we were able to get outside and play on them and walk to the creek (the kids FAVORITE thing to do). Peyton started T-ball which he is loving.

The other day Maddy started sassing me. And when I say sassing me I mean yelling at the top of her lungs "Don't do dat mommy, stop RIGHT now" sorta sassing. This does not sit well with me, even though I do find it kinda funny! So she goes to her crib. I go sit down to scrap. I leave her their til she's calmed down and has stopped yelling at me. When I walk in, this is what I find:
Yep, she had a helper. Peyton put every toy he could find in her crib! :-0


A Sarasota said...

love your P12 page!
those rascals with the stuffed animals!!!!! at least Peyton didn't stuff all the plush toys in her clothes, my friend's son found her youngest completely stuffed with beanie babies! lol
have a good weekend... such cute photos.

Bev said...

fabulous work dear friend.. so much so that i have something to share with you.. and award.
check it out...

hugs Bev

gottaluvboyz said...

Great LO!!! LOL about the crib...too cute!

Jill Sarginson said...

I'm totally in love with your project 12 ... and so jealous! I just can't find the time to get mine in! cries .... great job on getting yours done though! :)

theelfqueen said...

I LOVE Project 12, I did it last year,as well as this year and it was such fun! And I so love all the pages, you will treasure yours too!

I love the red gridding on the P12 page, it's FANTASTIC!

Paisley Petals said...

I just realized we used the same PP for journaling too...and the spot looks so similar, lol! *sigh*

I absolutely love that Peyton stuffed all those toys in there...but especially that you grabbed your camera ;)


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