Wednesday, April 13, 2011

My baby is 5!!!

Can you believe it? My baby turns 5 today! :-0 How can that be? Happy birthday to my baby boy!

We celebrated his birthday last weekend at Charlie's, one of our favorite places to go.
As requested by the birthday boy, we had a Spiderman birthday party. If found this quite surprising as he LOVES dinosaurs, shark and fish so much!
Cupcakes with my homemade frosting were also requested. I found the fun cake tower and couldn't resist it!
Look at the size of the candle! Yep, another request by the birthday boy, and how could I say no?
Of course, lots of fun presents to open up! The party went great. Peyton had a TON of fun playing with his cousins. He cracked me up when he asked me 'what do those words say Mommy?' as he opened the first card! How sweet is that? He wanted me to read each card before he opened it!

Monday was Peytons first T-ball game! Man was it cold. I mean it was COLD!
Peyton got his t-shirt and hat. Isn't he cute? He plays on team Thunder!
Above, he is warming up! Go Peyton go!
He was first up to bat in the first inning! Poor kid, wasn't 100% sure what to do. But he figured it out quickly!
It was so fun to watch the little kids run around the bases. A few somehow ended up with home runs as they were so excited they didn't want to stop at first base! haha!
Peyton played in the pitcher position. He did pretty darn good for it being his first game.

After that though he was done. He was beyond cold and miserable and begged to go home. He clung to me and wouldn't bat or participate anymore so we headed home. :-( Not long after being home and after he had warmed up he was ready to go back and play. His next game is tonight, so wish us luck!

I apologize for the black dots on the photos. They only appear when I zoom. :-( Maybe I should have gotten a warranty on the camera.

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gottaluvboyz said...

Happy 5th Birthday, Peyton!!! Great job on the party, Mama:0 Good luck tonight w/ T-ball!

Hannah said...

Happy Birthday Peyton!

Jill Sarginson said...

A big HAPPY BIRTHDAY to Peyton!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :)

ellen s. said...

Happy Birthday Peyton!!! That party looks amazing, kayla!

Mel said...

Happy Birthday Peyton!!!

Carla said...

This all looks like big fun! You'll have to post your frosting recipe. Now I want a cupcake! Dangit, Kayla!

Rbarakat said...

Aww they grow up so fast!!! Happy birthday big boy!!!

Suzanne said...

5!! Wow, I can't believe that, I'm pretty sure he was just 3 a couple of months ago. Looks like he had a blast. Happy birthday Peyton! :-)


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