Tuesday, February 15, 2011

More Photos

I have two more photos to share. These were taken by the cruise ship. We only chose to purchase two as they charged so much per photo.
At each stop they had people dressed up for you to take photos with. This port even had a donkey to get your photo taken with!
We took the formal photos on two different nights. Unfortunately, we didn't get one we REALLY liked, but we settled on this one! My hair DID not like the humidity down there and was quite frizzy and uncooperative. Not that I really know how to control my hair anyways. ;-)

Thanks for stopping by! I have a layout to share tomorrow. I forgot about it til I uploaded pictures!


Suzanne said...

Great photos of the two of you! I think your hair looks just fine! :-)

Glynis said...

You guys look great! Sounds like you had a fantastic time :O)

A Sarasota said...

Those are such great photos, sounds like you had a wonderful trip!

Paisley Petals said...

You are such a skinny minnie! Where are those extra lbs you are talking about?!?


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