Friday, August 13, 2010

Scrap It With Song Winner and Picture

I was 6 days away from internet! I was able to get e-mail on my cell phone and do a blog post from my parents computer but that was it! Yikes, did I ever have some catching up to do! As I was going through the blogs I follow I found this...

Yep! I was lucky enough to win last weeks challenge (using the song This Kiss as inspiration) on Scrap It With Song. If you haven't checked out the blog yet, you should! I love getting inspiration from music so this challenge blog is right up my alley. I have since gone in and journaled around the sun rays but am too lazy to retake pictures. All the paper are Fancy Pants.

So what did I do while I was away from internet? Well, I have so many pictures to share I'll have to break it up into two different posts. First off we went to our local fair. I was very excited to see that they had pony rides. Peyton jumped at the chance to ride one and then kept asking to ride it again.
He takes it pretty seriously. The guy at the ticket booth asked if Maddy was going to ride. I didn't think they would let her, so was excited she got a chance at it. One time around and she threw my hand back at me and wanted to ride it herself!
I should have zoomed in for ya...sorry!
Of course, we had to get a popsicle. Here Peyton is very sweetly sharing it with the Little Miss.
I think she liked it! haha!
We also hiked Haystack Butte. My Grandpa passed away on Christmas morning and we wanted to spread his ashes up on top. We did the same with my Grandma, Uncle and Aunts ashes.
Because the Butte is a little behind my Grandpas ranch, we drove up to the base of the butte.

I zoomed in on the mountains to the west of the butte. Its kinda smokey as we recently had a large wildland fire in the area.
This is the view from the top. Isn't it pretty?

Here I zoomed in so you can see my Grandpas ranch/homestead that has been in the family for roughly 150 years. Its the buildings on the left hand side, middle of the photo. My grandpa was born and raised here and so was my mom.
Its a special place thats for sure!
I'll be back soon with more pictures and more projects! Thanks for stopping by!


ellen s. said...

hey, girl! how are you???

hope all is well and i love love your photos soooo much! that looks like the most delicious popsicle, LOL!

your projects are yummy as usual :)

Mel said...

Great pics Kayla:)

gottaluvboyz said...

Congrats Kayla! Your photos are amazing....what a beautiful place!

Hannah said...

I love that layout! Sun (and trees) is always my favorite.


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