Thursday, August 19, 2010

Another layout and some pictures

I'm not overly happy with this layout, but am calling it good. I think I used a sketch, but can't remember. So if this looks like a sketch you created, please let me know so I can give you the proper credit. I really need to write the sketches I used on the back of layouts as sometimes its a while before I post them here or elsewhere and I forget. *update - I remember what sketch I used now, it was one from KariAnn Sweeney.
I was downloading pictures from my camera and came across these. Peyton had taken them. They crack me up and show a little glimpse of our typical day and whats important to Peyton. He LOVES his cards and LOVES his sister. I think Maddy is going to hate him for this picture one day! haha!
I was trying to figure out how to do the journaling and title and that darn sticker went down and wouldn't come back up. So, even though I don't like it its there. I've been having fun with acrylic shapes lately. I painted the edges of the star to make it stand out more.
Back in July I took the kids to the local fair in my hometown. A friends little girl came along and it was just perfect as she was older and rode rides Peyton didn't want to ride alone. Peyton LOVED the animals, especially the rabbits.
They had a area set up in the pavilion that had all sorts of fun science activities for the kids.
The picture below cracks me up...I love how Maddy has her lips puckered out. My mom was able to come with me and was a HUGE help!
They had a little farm area with an apple tree you could pick, hens that laid eggs (fake of course) and a cow that you could milk. The kids were pretty intrigued by the cow.
All the action and the heat (man was it a scorcher that day) knocked Maddy out!
The Fish & Wildlife Dept. set up this really cool pond for the kids to fish!

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