Wednesday, May 12, 2010

A few things around the house...

First off, I apologize for the bad pictures, I've tried and tried to get better ones and am just giving up. After I picked up Peyton from preschool yesterday I stopped by a second hand store here in town that I found. My bathroom counter was driving me nuts. This is what it looked like....
I found this neat little wooden tray that had three wooden boxes with lift lids. The Dixie cups didn't fit in a box, so I removed the center box. This looks so much better. Now to find a cute little container for my jewelry.
I don't like having the toothpaste, face wash, and that sorta stuff out on the counters, but not sure what to do with it if I don't. It would annoy me to have to take it out from under the cabinet every time I wanted it, but maybe after getting used to it, I wouldn't mind. What do you do with all the bathroom clutter? At my parents house they have cabinets on both sides of the sink. That was really nice. We have double sinks here so it wouldn't work for us.
Next up is my piano! Isn't she pretty? It is the piano my mom grew up with. My mom sewed me a really pretty table runner that fits perfect on the back (I should have gotten a close up). My cousin bought me the wall piece for my birthday and I just LOVE it! Now, I have at least one corner of my house decorated! haha!
I also got this cute little shelf put up and pictures in the frames.
I plan on finding a family or love vinyl quote to put above them. Anyone able to link me up with one or have a favorite quote you want to share with me?

Thats about it for me for now. More scrappy fun coming soon! I have a couple layouts to share!


Suzanne said...

I love your piano! As far as bathrooms go, I put everything under the cabinet or in one of the 3 teensie tinsy drawers between the sinks. The only thing on the countertop is a soap dispenser. Of course, if you look at the girls bathrooms, totally different story! LOL

Aphra said...

Looking good, Kayla! I put all my junk under my bathroom cabinet, but it's all in a plastic tote with sections, so I just grab the whole tote, do my morning routine and then put it back.

Love the black wall shelf. A quote will look great around it. They have a nice selection at Target and all reasonably price. Good luck with the hunt!

Noelle Reese said...

Your piano is beautiful! I have all my bathroom stuff in a corner mirror that I scrape my arm on every time I reach to turn on the water. NICE! LOL I just saw a great poster on a blog this morning. I can't remember where but there was a crown and it said
I loved it!

Stacey said...

Everything looks great!! My mom wants to give me the piano I grew up with, too. We'll pick it up one of these days!

Melonie said...

Looking good Kayla. We keep our bathroom stuff on the counter so I'm no help:) Hope you are having a good week.

Lolis said...

Everything looks great! Your bathroom looks like mine, Maybe mine is a little messier. But, if I start organizing everything, I wont have time to surf the internet, to scrap, to craft or to cook, so something has to give :) Your projects are amazing.
I made some Vinyl Quotes for my kitchen and my son's bedroom here is the link

Kelly C said...

The stuff on the counters annoy me too, I keep all mine in the linen closet because we don't have counter space with the pedestal sink. What about a basket to keep the bigger things in?


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