Monday, May 3, 2010

Cosmo Cricket....I'm in LOVE

I have played with the Cosmo Cricket Early Bird line for some time now. I just can't seem to get enough of it! My only problem now, I've run out of it! Thank goodness for a little birthday money so I can replenish my stock. They also have Early Bird fabric now! How cool is that? I have decided to decorate my kitchen using Early Bird products.

While visiting the talented Melonie's blog, I saw a very fun idea I just knew I wanted to try. I took an old frame I had and altered it. Instead of a picture inside, I put a solid piece of cardstock.

It is my dry erase menu board. I have started meal planning. I list out enough meals for two weeks. It matches my little recipe mini album from Creative Cuts And More that I made. I glued a little magnet to the side of the frame as the dry erase pen came with a magnet on it. This way its sort of hidden and I won't accidentally lose it.
I'm in love with these flowers. They are so much fun! And doesn't the patterned paper make the best leaves for the flowers?
While at a get together with some friends, the hostess had this bottle of beer out on her counter. I loved that it had my last name on it and even better yet, it goes with the early bird line! I may just have to pick up a few extra as I love the looks of the bottle!
The menu board is one of my favorite projects. I had so much fun making it. I am thinking about making ones for the kids rooms too!


pattiwest said...

Love your dry erase board, Kay!!! And, the bottle of beer? Perfect accent. Your kitchen's going to be adorable!!

gottaluvboyz said...

Oh, how fun and cute! Have fun with your kitchen:)

Suzanne said...

I love this! You inspired me to make one as well, although I don't have a whole matching set like you. LOL

Melissa said...

Sooo cool, I love your ideas. I do have to ask however, what is a haystack (it's on your menu board)?

Noelle Reese said...

LOL! This does not surprise any of us :-)
It is SUPER CUTE! I love it! Cosmo should put you on their payroll! ;-)
I love beer bottles. My old neighbot gave me one and it's label says I cried when my goldfish died LOL At the time we had 7 fish tanks and they all were making fun of me LOL

Mara... said...

This is such a fun idea!!! I love those distressed flowers, too!!

Veronica said...

I love those flowers too! Kinda grungy but so cute!!!


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