Thursday, February 4, 2010

Thank You's and Crazy Kids

For some reason I got this great idea to make all of the Thank Yous to match Maddy's invites. My Cuttlebug sure got a work out! The ladybugs were a Quickutz Die cut and I used a Cuttlebug embossing folder. Of course, I forgot to take pictures on any of them BEFORE I wrote on them all, so I just blurred out my writing on one of them for the pictures. I almost made these for the invites, but thought the ladybug with opening wings was much more playful.

I wasn't happy with the stamp but didn't have anything else to use. We have no scrapbook store and the nearest store is a Michael's is an hour away. So I had to make do with this stamp.

Maddy is quite the eater. But she is opinionated. She doesn't like to be fed, she likes to feed herself. One BIG problem. She only has two teeth! While trying to feed her cereal with fruit she started doing the motorboat with a mouth full of food. It was cute and funny at first, but now that it is almost a habit, its not cute at all! lol...Anyhow, I do what I normally do, I just get up and walk away before I get too frustrated. Well, Peyton snuck in there and started feeding his sister. He was SO proud of himself!

Maddy wasn't so sure...
I 'm not sure if he got more on the tray or more in her mouth...


Veronica said...

Love the card! Something about embossing just soothes the senses!! As for the pictures...oh my! Glad Peyton was there to help you retain your sanity! =)

Mara... said...

Those thank yous are wonderful! I think I really need to take the plunge and invest in a cuttlebug. I love your embossing.

And food on the face photos are the cutest! hee hee!!

Sarah Lou said...

The self feeding is driving me crazy sometimes here so I feel ya!
Love the thank you cards - my word you are organised!!!

Scoobie said...

Those Thank You Cards are too cute - love the scaloped edges!

And congrats on beeing featured at the CC blog again.

Have a happy weekend!

Jamilie said...

LOVE The thank You's!! It was cute to see Peyton try to feed Maddy.. :-)


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