Saturday, February 13, 2010

Happy Valentines Day

Chris surprised me today with this gorgeous bunch of flowers! It smells WONDERFUL! Thank you sweetie!

One problem though, I had packed away all my vases! haha! So a tea jar it is!

We bought this Cars folding table for Peyton a while back. He has been enjoying it so much!
He knows he's not supposed to play with our laptop, but how can you get mad at him when he looks so darn cute?

Here we are playing shopping. He charged me $500 for each car I bought! :)

He tries his best to get anyone he can to play games with him! Here he is playing Don't Break the Ice with Uncle Coco.

What does Maddy like to do? Well, she likes to wrestle pillows of course! Its really fun she says, you should try! :)

She also likes to look for and talk to Sedona. I'm not sure why, but she is just fascinated by the dog.


Suzanne said...

Cute pics! Happy Valentines Day, my friend! :-)

Noelle Reese said...

Great pics! Don't you love putting together Don't Break The Ice 500 times a day? I must remember to donate that game before Carlee gets big enough to want to play it LOL

pattiwest said...

Sweet flowers, Kay!! Enjoy them! Great pics...always fun to read your blog!

Mara... said...

What beautiful flowers!! Nice to see you had a good Valentine's day. I love seeing all the photos of your cuties!!

gottaluvboyz said...

Beautiful flowers and great pictures!


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