Thursday, July 30, 2009


Well, I have a ton to share! I finished another layout and a few new cards I'll share tomorrow after I get the pictures edited.

Here are a couple pictures of Chris and Peyton on the 4th of July playing on the slip n slide. Notice who is on the slide and who is standing FAR away watching! Haha!
Chris is such a goofball sometimes. Gotta love his 'pose' slide!

This is why Mommy tells Peyton to not bite at his sippy cup does pop off!

I just love this picture of Maddy. I think she looks great in green and love how her eyes just pop out in this picture! She's my blue eyed girl!
It has been so hot and poor Peyton just drips after playing outside for a while. He's got a hot head like his Papa. We decided to give him a buzz cut. I wasn't sure what I thought at first, but now I like it. He looks so much older without the longer hair! That night he almost started crying when he got tired and went to play with it. He said, "Where did my hair go...I want it back!"


Terri said...

Oh, I absolutely LOVE all the photos!!!

Suzanne said...

ROFL! That pic of Chris CRACKS.ME.UP!!! They're all great, but I seriously can't wait to see that first one scrapped! :-D

jenney said...

Dylan says the same thing after a haircut. "I want my hair back!" They recover. =)

That is a great picture of Maddy!

gottaluvboyz said...

OMGosh...that milk picture cracks me up!!!! I cannot believe how much the kiddos look alike:)


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