Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Another Catch Up Post

Man have we been busy! I think I start off with that on every post. But its true. Here are a few things that have kept us busy lately.

While browsing through a local publication, I saw an ad for a really neat property! It sounded like my dream property. I found the address and knew I had to drive out to it, even though I knew it was only a 'dream' property. We didn't find it, but we found this property.
How cool would it be to have a house up there with those views? Apparently the property I had found is only accessible by 4WD and doesn't have a legal access to it! But it is a couple hundred acres and backs up to public land that we like to hunt and camp on.

We were able to babysit our nephew.
That is him there in the middle. His name is Jaxen. He is the best dog every! So well behaved and calm! Yes, my brother and sister in law better watch out....next time I babysit I may not be so willing to give him back. He was like a third child and followed me around just like Maddy and Peyton do.

Speaking of my brother and sister in-law here they are....
Aren't they cute? I LOVE it when they come to visit. So do the kids. We always have so much fun! I wish they were a tad bit closer though, so we could more easily spend time together. They happened to be here the night before Easter. They got to experience this:
My crazy kids wanted nothing to do with regular egg dying. They wanted to fingerpaint the eggs.

The Easter Bunny brought them some new shades....Cute, if I do say so myself! :-)
We loaded up Easter morning and headed to my parents house where my mom made a delicious meal. My mom made Maddy and my nieces shirts and skirts. Aren't they cute? She also bought the boys matching shirts.

We've had our fair share of sickness in this house. The poor kids can't seem to catch a break. They will just be getting over a bug and another one comes and attacks them. It is wearing this mama out too. Especially since I seem to catch whatever they have too.
Isn't this just pitiful?

I'm not sure why the photo turned on me. Peyton's birthday was last week. The afternoon of his birthday we took off to a Fun Center that had arcade games, mini golf, bowling, etc. Peyton couldn't wait to do the mini golf. It was super cold and the rain was threatening so we headed outside to golf first.
Next came the arcade games....
And then the bowling.
We weren't sure if Maddy's balls were going to make it down the lanes or not, but each one did...eventually.
Peyton requested a Mario birthday and to have it at our house. I was late in getting it planned and didn't leave enough time to purchase any Mario party decor and have it shipped in time. I felt bad, but I think he was okay with it. Especially after getting so much play time with his cousins and scoring a ton of fun gifts!
This was the #1 thing he asked for. He asked for it numerous times and was super excited to get it.
I just love those cheeks all puffed up! His birthday went well. I just love having all the family over. Even if it is a tad loud and chaotic.
One last photo of Peyton and his Grandma reading some of his new books.

I finally made it up to my scrap space and discovered some layouts I had completed a long time ago! How could I have forgotten them? So check back soon! I actually have scrappy stuff to share!


Mel said...

You HAVE been busy! Great pics!!

Rita Barakat said...

Holy cow girl! You are busy busy busy! And of course those kids dontn want to die eggs they are crafty like their mama!
That property is amazing!

Hannah said...

Totally cute shades!

sarah said...

talk about being busy! :)


~jan said...

Whew - you have been busy! Loved seeing all these wonderful photos and catching a glimse of your life, Kayla!


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