Saturday, December 17, 2011

Christmas Craft and Pictures

This is not my idea, I found it on Pinterest. I learned maybe I should read the instructions before creating. :-l The instructions said to drill holes, I used eye screws. Holes would have been a lot easier. I like the one I pinned better than my creations. But what can I say....
This was my first one. They are a bit over an inch square wood blocks painted black. I was able to find smaller eye hooks, which I think look better. I also got the idea tonight to add a little bell to the bottom. These are really too heavy for the tree, but would be cute on a door or drawer knob.

I have been MIA for a while. I'm sorry. Life is crazy busy these days.

We picked out our Christmas tree last weekend.
It was DANG COLD the day we went out to look for trees. Peyton was on a mission to get the 'BIGGEST TREE EVER'. Luckily he is very happy with this one. :-) It is definitely not as big as we could have gotten, but it is a pretty tree.
Next came the decorating.
Are you done putting up lights yet so I can hang ornaments?
And so it began....
It took Maddy quite a bit of effort at first, but she figured it out quick and jumped right in!We also worked on making our own Christmas ornaments to all the grandparents. Every year I try to make an ornament with Peyton for each of his Grandparents. So Linda if you see this, act surprised when Peyton gives you your ornament! Haha! This year I learned not to use Elmers glue. It didn't work worth a darn. I ended up re-gluing everything with a tacky glue. :-l
I wanted to make something for each of Chris's employees. Thanks to my mom, I came up with this idea. I went to the dollar tree and found candlesticks and star dishes and glued them together. I then made my toffee chex mix and filled each one. A fun but super simple gift.
Ya like this picture? Yeah, me either. :-( My camera sucks. Out of 20 pictures, this was the best one. Peyton had a Christmas program this week. It was very cute and all of the grandparents were able to come and enjoy it with us. Friday was his Christmas party in his classroom. My grandparents in-law (who I am VERY grateful for) were willing and able to drive over and watch Maddy so I could participate in the class party! It was a lot of fun!
Here is our tree. The kids decorated and arranged the presents. I figure this is how the tree will look the next couple of years. They had a blast decorating and putting the presents under the tree.
Today, Chris and I took the kids to our local museum. My parents mentioned that they had a special Christmas presentation. The kids really enjoyed it and I enjoyed seeing some of the regular museum exhibits. I saw a picture of my Grandpa's aunt in there which was fun! :-)

Thank you for stopping by! I hope you are all on the ball unlike me and have everything ready to go for Christmas. Is anyone making anything fun as a gift? I'd love to see or hear about it!


Sandi said...

What a great idea....I love this ornament. Thanks o much for being a regular at The Paper Variety and for joining us this week.

Suzy said...

Super cute ornament! And I loved enjoying your holiday photos :) Thanks for joining The Paper Variety's anything goes challenge :)
- Suzanne :)

Rita Barakat said...

I love that ornament - gorgeous!!!ANd those school pics always stink- bad lighting!

Paisley Petals said...

The ornament turned out great! {I think I like yours better!!} Too bad it's too heavy :(

Jamilie said...

These are great!!!

Heather Landry said...

Whoo you've been busy! I love the ornament you made. It looks fabulous! Your tree is beautiful and your kiddos are so cute! Merry Christmas!


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