Wednesday, November 30, 2011

It's almost time!

I'm getting super nervous, the bazaar I have been working so hard at starts tomorrow! I turned in all my items yesterday. Last night I started stressing about whether people would like my items and if I marked them too high. :-S I made my first attempt at a bazaar last year and it was a flop. This year I opted for a different style one! The gal organizing it sets it up beautifully. She has everyone drop off their items and then sets it up boutique style. Hopefully I can get pictures tomorrow to share later on this week.

My mom came over Saturday for a bit to help me finish up some items. I put her on feather duty. :-) I am so excited about these headbands. They are SO darn cute!
And here is another one:
Of course I made some with out and in a handful of different colors!
I also made clips. You know...clips are very hard to get a good picture of? Especially if you have a 2 1/2 year old like mine who won't model them. Maybe I could get Peyton or Chris too! :-0 Anyhow, I made a bunch of these both with and without feathers. I think they would be cute clipped on hats, purses and scarves too! The clips hold really well. I wore a clip one day to test it out and it held my hair back great!

I didn't have many of these clips left. I had fun with the flowers on these. I tested out a new Cricut Cartridge for three paper flowers. It was the Flower Shoppe cartridge and I loved it.
I also made a few minis. I just LOVE the colors of this one!
A few of what I call catch-alls. This is a Basic Grey Paper and I LOVE it! I wish I would have bought more when I found it on sale. I had fun with this flower. I coiled yarn, used my Cuttlebug to cut a couple scallop circles and then added some gathered netting in.
I had fun with these magnet boards! I love the colors in this one. It's my favorite.
I struggled getting a good picture of this. It looks much better in real life. I tore and decoupaged sheet music on the back and used my Cricut to cut out 'FAMILY'. I love the thoughts of magnets or clothespins to hold photos. It makes is so much easier and quicker to change the photos when you want.
These babies are so fun and unique! I really struggled with them at first. Finding a glue that worked. I think I have the knack of it now and hope to be able to make more now. I just ran out of time and products to make any more!
These are really fun too! I thought they would be quick and easy. WRONG! But I think they are worth the sore fingers and time. :-)

The above is why I have been MIA from my blog! Hopefully you guys have hung around and haven't given up on my yet! I have had a fun crafting but am looking forward to doing a few layouts sometime in the near future!


Izzyb said...

These are such beautiful projects, Kayla. They will be hot sellers!

patti west said...

Good luck w/the bazaar, Kay!!! Love your stuff! Hope it goes really well for you! :)

Hannah said...

Niiice work! I love the headbands! Those 'hard' headbands usually give me a headache, do you think you could make the same thing on an elastic type headband? I'm thinking Vivian needs one... if I lived near I would totally visit your booth at the bazaar! I hope you sell everything!

Rita Barakat said...

Gorgeous! And good luck Kayla! I am sure you will do great!


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