Sunday, November 6, 2011


Are you wondering what Geesus are? They are horses of course! ;-) Last year the kids and I joined Chris out at Kah-Nee-Tah. He had a golf tournament and we had been wanting to take the kids to the pool out there. We had a bottom level room. When we got to our room there were wild horses near our patio! The kids thought this was really cool! Peyton named one Fred and I can't remember what he named the second horse. We aren't sure where Maddy got it from, but she called the horses Geesus. It was very cute! She called them Geesus for at least a year!
I used the May kit at Birds of a Feather Kit Co. I love the pleated strip that is in the kit. Mine curved though and has hard as I tried I couldn't get it to stick straight!
I used a couple of my satin flowers that I made. I also doodled a line on the photos and white paper.

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Paisley Petals said...

Love the doodling - goes well with the edges of your satin :)

I just picked up a couple of those pleated pieces! lol It looks great on here.


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