Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Busy busy busy

It seems I haven't had much time to get crafty lately! :-( I made a bunch of cards to sell at a flower shop, but forgot to take pictures of them. :-( We were also gone ALL WEEKEND yet again too which doesn't help my crafty time!

So Friday, as we are headed to Madras where Chris was planning to hook up to our camp trailer and tow it over the mountain to trade it in, we faced this!
Fun stuff huh? I was not liking the thought of him pulling the trailer at all! But as luck has it, the sun did come out after a bit and melted most of it! He did make it over the mountain and did return safely with our new smaller camp trailer!

Sunday, although cold, the sun popped out for a bit. The kids have been begging to play outside, so out they went. Peyton ran all over the place chasing the baseball he hit. Maddy loved to play on the 'wwwweeeeeeeee'. Thats what she says when she goes down it, so thats what she calls it!

I'm really hoping to hit my scrap table and be back soon with something to share!

Thanks for stopping by!


Mara... said...

Ugh, I would be so scared to drive in weather like that. I'm a wimpy California girl for sure!!

Suzanne said...

Wow! You might not want to read the weather status' on my Facebook, LOL. Looks like the kiddos are having fun though. :-)

gottaluvboyz said...

It looks like you guys definitely keep getting what we keep getting...ugh! Bring on Spring! I look forward to upcoming layouts and projects:)


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