Saturday, November 13, 2010 November Cosmo Cricket Challenge

I realized I hadn't posted about my Cosmo Cricket challenge at yet! I am lucky enough to be able to host the challenge for Cosmo Cricket (who sends the prize to the winner). This month I decided to challenge everyone to do something Christmasy. Whether it be scrappy your photos from last year, creating cards for this year or altering something for you as a gift! can do anything as long as its Christmasy and as long as its 90% Cosmo Cricket products! :-) Head over to forum and to the Challenges section under the Interactive Fun section!

Here is my take on the challenge (I also later on posted a card and altered M&M dispenser):
Maddy discovered my Cosmo Cricket goodies. I had been fairly lucky with her not getting into my scrappy stuff. But once she found it, I was in trouble. She went for the Cosmo Cricket too, even though there was other stuff nearby she could easily get too. :-) A girl after my own heart!
I added a bit of glitter to the journaling spot as the chipboard had glitter on it. I also cut out the 'Cosmo Cricket' from a sheet of paper to add it to the journaling spot.

I LOVE this shot of Maddy! She hid my thumb drive from me (I originally thought she threw it away) but luckily I found it today! :-) Totally made my day. And on it were these pictures:
She so stinkin' cute ( bias there or anything. ;-) ) I could eat her or squeeze think I give that sweet little face a hundred kisses a day!

Of course when the camera comes out, the posing begins! I think he gets it from his dad as I usually quietly disappear when the camera comes out!


A Sarasota said...

glad you found the thumb drive, those are wonderful photos!!

Rbarakat said...

Oh my goodness she is getting so big - and gorgeous! Why am I not surprised that you are hosting a cosmo criket challenge!Thats awesome!

Audra said...

how adorable is that layout!! love the pics and that you scrapped about her getting into your stash... so funny lol :)

pattiwest said...

Maddy is the sweetest baby girl!! LOVE her curls! :) :) That's a great lo, too, Kay!! Love the title work & CC line!

Jill Sarginson said...

I have been meaning to do this challenge - I thought I had a WHOLE pack of Christmas CC paper but ahhhh nope ... just a couple of sheets. I'll try and get it done! :)


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