Tuesday, January 12, 2010

More Layouts and More Pictures

Have I mentioned how much I'm loving these large Scallop Circles from Creative Cuts and More? Well I do, they are a ton of fun!

Have I mentioned how much I'm loving to sew on layouts? Haha! I think it adds so much to a layout. Oh, and this for this layout I used one of Helen Crofts fabulous sketches.

I had planned using this Slash Folder with Tag Set from Creative Cuts & More on the above layout, but I ended up going down another path. I'm not overly fond of this layout. I tried using a cute sketch, but my layout didn't come out quite as cute. Has that ever happened to you? Anywho...I thought the tag would be fun as it would add extra space for pictures and/or journaling.

Now for some pictures of the kiddos. Its been quite nasty outside these last couple of months. I've been trying to come up with inexpensive activities to entertain the munchkins. I went to the garage and grabbed some of the empty formula cans. We stack them up and throw balls at them, trying to knock them over. We also line them up and try to toss balls into them. It has been an EXCELLENT entertainer.

Miss Madeline...Love those blue eyes...

Mr. Peyton, I'm having quite the hard time getting him to cooperate in taking his picture. This is usually what happens.

Yep, once again pantsless. Not sure why he thought it okay to sit on the table to do his puzzle.

Yep, she tries SO SO SO hard to pull herself up but can't quite do it yet.

I hope you check back soon. I made Madeline's 1st Birthday invites and love how they came out. I'll be sharing those in the next day or two.


Suzanne said...

Wow, that stitching looks GREAT! Must have taken forever, but you're right, it always adds so much. Love the pics of the kids as always. That one of Maddy is priceless! It'll be no time at all before you won't keep track of her. :-D

Sarah Lou said...

These rea amazing layouts, you are always so creative. First smile makes me smile. Your kids seem to get up teh same stuff as mine. on the table - cheeky monkeys

Sarah Lou said...

Oh ps am leaving you an award on my blog - come and get it if you accept these.

Holly said...

Adorable scallop circle layout, girl! LOVE those bright green flowers - they just make the whole thing pop. Such adorable kiddies too! :-)

Kristie said...

Cute pictures!!!

Love your stitching and I love doing it too. It is so worth the extra time as it really adds an extra dimension.

Now. On the not liking a layout. You betcha that's happened to me. I just blogged about it last week. I went back and redid a bit of my latest not greatest and now I love it. I am working on another fixer upper this morning.

pattiwest said...

Your blog kid pics always make me laugh!! Real life is wonderful, huh? Love your los too!!

Mara... said...

Your layouts are beautiful Kayla!! I love that first layout with the circle design. So pretty!

And GREAT pics of your kiddies! They are so cute!!


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