Saturday, August 15, 2009


Well, we are back from the family reunion. It felt like we were only there a day. We arrived at camp at around 9:30 after a 5 hour drive! Maddy did really well though. Thanks Kimmy for the tip about the carseat! I put Maddy in Peytons carseat (its one of those that goes from birth to booster) and put Peyton in the extra one we kept in Chris's car. That was the trick, she just didn't like how much she laid back in the other carseat. Peyton had SO much fun. He ran and played with his cousins til he crashed. There was so much going on I forgot to take very many pictures.

I had to check in on one of my all time favorite blogs, The Cosmo Cricket Blog. Now if you haven't checked out the blog you gotta. It is so much fun. Lindsay and Julie are a riot and there is TONS, I mean TONS of fabulous inspiration on there. Check out what was on their blog Friday, click here (click on the word 'here' and it takes you to the site). How cool is that? Yep, my Early to Bed, Early to Rise, Fish all day, Tell Big Lies layout! I can't even tell you how excited I was to see my layout on the COSMO CRICKET blog! Wow...I'm just still excited as all get out. Thanks Lindsay! You guys are the BEST!

I have two layouts in progress as well as a mini album. I hope to be back to share those with ya real soon as well as a few pictures from our family reunion!


Suzanne said...

Very cool, Kayla! Congrats!

jenney said...

Woo hoo!! Way to go, girl!!


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