Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Busy days = lots of photos to share!

Maddy has such beautiful long hair.  I've had it trimmed at least 3 times, maybe 4, an inch or two every time. But it is SO.LONG.  When she goes potty if falls in the toilet (think public restroom...want to puke yet?  Eh...me too!).  It was time to get it cut short.  Looking back, I wish I would have only done 4 or 5 inches, but I went for 8-9 inches!  :-0  It is SO.MUCH. easier to take care of.  

A few weekends ago was free camping (not sure if it was an Oregon deal or all over).  We took off to a campground about 20 min. from our house.  It was a very nice campground and I am sure we will return.  We were right up the canyon from this lake.  The kids had a blast playing with the other kids we went camping with.  LOVE the surrounding here.  I spent many a days of my childhood summer here.  

 Jenabelle was excited to have a play mate.
 It was so much fun camping with other families.  The kids did fantastic together and had so much fun!
This was my kids first time buying ice cream from an ice cream truck.  They thought it was pretty darn cool and spotted it long before it made the stop in front of our camp.  
 Little miss Jenabelle was so worn out that she was here, in this spot, for quite a few hours without budging.  We poked her and prodded her with no reaction!
 Have you heard of Kids Bowl Free?   A very neat program I signed the kids up for.  They get to bowl 2 games free per day through the summer.  For $24.95 I am able to add up to four adults (sitters, grandparents,etc) to be able to bowl with the kiddos.  The kids had a blast and are ready to go back.
 As for their attired, they chose it and there was no changing it. haha!
 Chris and I have been trying to figure out what this plant was.
This is what ended up happening to it....
The picture above still cracks me up.  They were pretty big plans and there are more still to pull!
 We have enjoyed gorgeous sunsets.
 That is Mt. Jefferson you see there on the left.

This past Sunday we went up to my parents for lunch.   My nephew and niece were there and they had a blast playing in the pool.  My brother got a good ole water fight going and it was so much fun to hear the kids scream in delight!
 Jennabelle was quite loud this night.  She cracks me up how she sleep and snores quite loudly.

 And if you don't let her into Peyton's room when it is bedtime, she attacks the door til you do.  She LOVES snuggling with Peyton at night.

Chris took off for a guys weekend this past weekend and I knew I needed to fill the days with activities to keep my sanity.  A local store had a 'vendor' event where many reps from numerous different companies set up booths.  There was a face painting book and both kids chose out what they wanted.  

 A few errands later we stopped at Burger King (my first time in the Burger King here in town!  :0 ).  Side note - their cranberry apple chicken salad was really good!  The kids had so much fun playing in the play structure and wearing their crowns.
 One of the errands was to find a pool.  We went home and filled it up. Y'all may laugh...but this is a big pool for what my kiddos are used too having at home.
 A little sunbathing after some playing in the water.  My mom came over for a bit to get some sun and visit.

Today, we took a little drive back to Prineville to visit Peyton's school.  He was rushed by classmates and friends which just made my heart melt.  When some left more heard he was at recess and came a running.  
Peyton's best friend is Thomas.  I was able to finally get a photo of the two together.  Thomas is one incredibly sweet boy and it broke both Peyton's and my hear to have to move after finding such a good little friend!  

Peyton's teacher is retiring this year.  She is planning on having a huge garage sale this year to sell many years of accumulation of teacher supplies.  I was able to snag a few scores like this bucket of pretend change.  I think we spent at least 2 hours this afternoon playing with it!   
We also scored some brand new costumes.  Maddy's is pretty sad that her Super Woman cape didn't make her fly.  She tested it by jumping off her bed.  Peyton is a ... gremlin?  of some sort.  They both had their costumes on within minutes and only took them off when I promised they could put them back on in the morning.  
Miss Jenabelle...well...she found the toilet paper roll in the guest bathroom and decided to bring a chunk of it out to the living room to play with.  It is a good thing she is cute...cause gosh dang, she is a LOT of work!

That is it for now.  I still have more layouts to share and will do that soon.  I'm planning on participating in a Christmas bazaar again this year and am attempting to get some stuff made early and am working on coming up with something 'new'.  Any ideas you want to share?  Link me up!  I'd greatly appreciate it!

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Even after the hair cut Maddie's hair still looks so long! Lucky girl :)


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