Thursday, September 13, 2012

Silly layout using Cosmo Cricket Social Club and Toddler layout

I finally got to scrap a little bit last week!  Yahoo!  I found a stack of layouts that I don't think I've share yet too!  

This first one I can't remember if I shared yet or not.  So my apologies if I already have.  I had held onto these pictures for sometime thinking I'd do something creative with mustaches.  But fun ideas came about so I decided to get them scrapped.  I used the Salt Air line by Cosmo Cricket.  I'm pretty sure I used a sketch, but it was so long ago, can't remember and can't find it.  I need to start writing down the sketch I used on the back of the sketch.  I WILL start writing down the sketch I used on the back of the layout.  

I layered a few tab stickers to create a journaling spot.  

 I think I say this every time, but my photos are horrible!  I have asked around about cameras and get 100 different answers and I just get that much more confused!  Haha!  I even bought one like a friend had, same exact one and still had horrible pictures.  I'm starting to guess it is user error!  haha!

I used a sketch by Gloria Rogers for this next layout.  I had a handful of pictures of Maddy being silly that I wanted to scrap.  But with my lack of time to do so, didn't want to create 6 different layouts.  So I put them all together into one layout.  And a simple one at that.
In the pictures below, Maddy had just discovered the fun of dress up princess shoes and would wear them all over the house (funny side note, she put them on last night to go help us pick veggies out of the garden.  haha!).  She also started helping me clean.  She liked to wipe down glass and dust.  She is quite happy and content being naked, so I often found her stripped down to her diaper.  One day, actually a handful of days, she walked out in her diaper and snow boots stating she was ready to go outside and play in the snow!
 These ones really crack me up.  We had problems with Maddy stripping at night, even taking off her diaper, then crying in the middle of the night cause she was cold or wet and cold.  So I started putting on her footed sleepers backwards.  Worked like a charm!

 Thanks for stopping by!

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