Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Photo Catch Up

Warning:  picture heavy post.  Layouts to come.....

Labor Day weekend started out with a jam packed weekend full of plans.  The plans ended up getting changed, but that was okay as we had more time to spend with family and we had a lot of fun anyways.  

Chris is one of 3 boys (he is the oldest).  Both brothers and their wives were in town over Labor Day weekend.  This is the first time in a year we had all gotten together!  :-0  For some that may be normal, but we like to get together a year is way to long to go without all getting together.  

Saturday we took for a round of Frisbee Golf.  Have you ever played?  It is fun!  

Last Tuesday, Peyton started school!  He was quiet excited for his first day.  I am very happy to report that he is enjoying it very much.  :-)
 Of course, we gotta show the backpack!  Super Mario Bros!  Big surprise, haha!  He wanted to color coordinate so wore his sport shorts as they matched his shoes then picked out a new red spiderman shirt to wear.  But it was pretty darn chilly, so he ended up putting on a sweatshirt and their went the color coordination!
 This was him as I was about ready to leave!  He had two girls from his kinder class at his table and a boy he knew from preschool.
 Last week he came home with an award and a prize.  The award was for Great Manners!  :-)  This mama is so proud of him!  He came home with another one this week!
 Last week there was a Open House at his school.  Of course we had to go and check it out.  Peyton was excited to show us his puppet.  I thought it very cool that Peyton had colored stripes on his.  Everyone else had colored their solid colors.  I love it that he got creative and made his different!

Maddy started preschool this week.  She was ready....actually she was wondering how come she didn't get to go to Peyton's school!  Haha!
 Just a little excited on the first morning!
 Notice the shoes.  Peyton got back to school tennis shoes so she wanted tennis shoes.  She wears them even when we go to pick Peyton up from school or drop him off as we are 'going to school'.  Haha!  So cute!  I love how their little minds work!
 We arrived at school and she was bummed we had to wait in the car 15 min.  I drop Peyton off a tad before 8 and she can't go in til 8:20.  It doesn't make sense to run home, so we wait in the parking lot.

She learned the new drill pretty well (hang up back pack and coat, wash hands, find name plate and put it on a board) and could care less that I left.  When I went back to get her, she asked how come we had to go home!  Haha!  She wanted to stay longer!

This week, Peyton started bringing homework home!  Luckily it hasn't been to much of a fight yet.  But that darn handwriting practice he DOES NOT like!

Thanks for stopping by!  Life has been super busy!  Hopefully we will get into the swing of things and I will get more time to get crafty!


Izzy Anderson said...

Great, great pics and these are going to make great, great layouts! Your kids are just adorable. Oh, how I hope my kid wins a good manners award one day! Love the story of your daughter's shoes. :)

Mel said...

WOW! I cannot believe they are both in school! Time sure does fly. Best wishes for a great year:)


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