Thursday, March 18, 2010

A BIG Mess and a New Project

First off, Heather, if you are looking at this, come back after your mom has given you your birthday present from me that I sent with her.

I have been asked how the unpacking is coming. Its coming along slowly and not like I planned. I wasn't going to unpack anything before I decided if I was keeping or tossing it. Well, with the help of a 1 year old and almost 4 year old, that just wasn't possible. heehee!
This picture is looking down over the living room from the top of the stairs. Most of the boxes in the corner are decorations, stuff I need to go through or garage sale items. Not to bad you say....we have no empty closet and a full garage! So these items are either going to find a home or go in the garage sale box as I unpack them. This will be my last area I attack.

Here is our family room. The couch...well...lets just say its staying downstairs for a while! haha! This room is coming along. I have my scrappy area to set up but its pretty much unpacked for the most part. We still have a little to do with the computer hutch and figuring out how to hide all of our paper work and misc. things like that. It will quite the little task.

This is the hall, it looks a million times better. Since last Friday there was a little tiny space to walk through to get to the bedrooms. I've been able to clean up a bit since this picture. It now only has that large box (the garage sale box that is filling up with the kids stuff) and my baby play mat. I loved that thing so much I am having a hard time getting rid of it. Why I would hold onto I don't know as we are done having kids...but it was SSSSOOO handy for Peyton and Maddy.
So here is a tip I learned. When packing and marking boxes...make sure you cross out the description/label of whats in the box from the previous move, and the move before that, and the move before that! lol...I have found numerous boxes with 2-3 different descriptions on them! :)
My cousin turned 30 last week and I wanted to make her gift. I made a magnetic board for myself a while back and loved it. I thought she might enjoy one also. With the move and everything happening I didn't get very good pictures. I couldn't decide what color scheme to use so I decided to do a double sided magnetic board. This is one side:

I took a few pictures off of her facebook page and created little magnets using her sons photo.
The other side...well...I can't locate the pictures at the moment. That is if I took them! :0) Maybe she'll take a picture of it and e-mail it to me so I can share it with you.

Thats it for now! I was able to make it to my scrappy night last night and finish up a layout that I'll hopefully be sharing soon! Thanks for stopping by!


Glynis said...

I don't envy your moving. I would definitely get rid of alot of extras so as not to have to unpack! Cute bulliton board, but I don't know how you found time to craft amidst all the chaos :O)

pattiwest said...

House is coming along great, Kay!! That magnetic board is way that you made magnets out of the kid's pics. Brilliant! :)

Mara... said...

Wow, moving is always alot of work! Especially with little 'helpers' under foot. Good luck with all the unpacking!

gottaluvboyz said...

Best of luck with the remainder of your unpacking. We plan on putting our current house up for sale in the next year. I am not looking forward to moving with the kiddos...ugh! How you manage to keep getting awesome layouts/projects done with the move and kiddos I will never know:) You ROCK!!!!!!

Sarah Lou said...

Hate hate hate packing and unpacking!!! But loving those magnets!

jenney said...

You've been busy girl! I'm glad the move/unpacking is going well!


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