Friday, August 24, 2012

Peyton turns 5!

Wow...I don't even know where to start!  I started this post a month ago!  :-0  Yikes...time goes by quickly!  My life went into a tail spin a month or two back.  But it is a good tail spin!

A quick scrapbook share:

I wish I could tell you what sketch I used.  But I am at a loss.  It has been WWWAAAYYYY to long.  I have had this pack of 8x8 papers from Pretty Little Studio for a while, just itching to be used.  
I am still on a banner kick.  Is that out of scrapbook fashion now?  It has been son long, I'm not sure whats 'in' and whats not.
The banner pieces were printed on a piece of cardstock, I just had to cut them out.  So nice to not have to free hand them.
One big blooper in the above photo....Peyton was turning 5 not 3!  *gasp*  I have fixed the layout, but didn't retake photos.  Not sure what made me put 3 on there.  It couldn't have been the gazillion and one interruptions I got while working on the layout could it?

Other things that went on during the time I originally started this layout...

We listed our house for sale.  I like our house and LOVE our neighborhood and neighbors.  BUT...our lot is tiny.  It is just not big enough us and all our 'stuff' and toys.  We aren't able to park our camp trailer on our lot which is a HUGE thing to us.  So, I have been spending a TON more time keeping the house as clean as I possibly can.  We have also been doing a little driving, checking out possible new houses.

Check out the views of this one: is not in the running.  But the views were killer!

We took a day drive out to a nearby reservoir.  The kids LOVED it!  Thank goodness Chris is a good Daddy and got in the water with them.  It was murky the first few feet and there was lots of seaweed and I just couldn't bring myself to get in.  Please tell me there are other people out there like me?  That don't like to step on seaweed and get creeped out by murky water.
I was shocked that on numerous days Maddy took a nap.  Sometimes I caught her like this:
Sometimes she took a nap in her bed.

Before heading to the reservoir we had to finish up touch up painting on one side of the house.  I had to go back inside after I walked out and saw both kids with cups of paint and paint brushes!  :-0  I have to admit though, they didn't do too bad!

Thanks for stopping by!  Hopefully I can get another post up soon of more recent pictures and more layouts!  I have both, just need to upload and edit them!

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