Monday, January 16, 2012

Layouts and Pictures

I was able to scrap a few layouts this weekend. The first one I'm sharing didn't turn out the way I had hoped and envisioned. But its done! ;-) I ran out of white cardstock! :-0 Yes, no white cardstock...what is a girl to do?
These were just a few random shots of Maddy being her silly self. I had brought her carseat into my moms house and set it under a table. I caught her in her carseat under the table trying to buckle herself in! Her capri's are on inside out in the one of her pushing her tricycle and the other picture she is stuck in an exersaucer that she is clearly to big for! Notice the trend of no clothes too? We had a chunk of hot days and I could not keep that girl in clothes!

Next up is a layout I did for a challenge over at Birds of a Feather. Krissy posted a step every day for a week. I had a lot of fun with that type of challenge.
I just love this Fancy Pants Alpha sticker font!
I painted a scalloped chipboard piece with crackle paint. I then added a metal piece and another piece of chipboard.

Now to catch up on some photos...
Maddy had her first hair cut today! *sniff sniff* This was all Chris's idea and I did not like it one bit. But we figured she is turning three soon, she could use a trim. She LOVED it! You can't tell by her expression, but she hopped right up there in that chair and sat really well. We only cut off an inch, so she still has lots of curl. :-)
Chris took me out to dinner Sunday night. This little brewery has a cute kids corner. A garden is painted on the wall and velcro pieces stapled all over. They then had baskets of stuffed veggies with velcro pieces on them to stick to the wall! The kids had so much fun planting a garden! I'm thinking we might need something like this at home! We got a little bit of snow at a week or so ago. The kids had lots of fun playing in it and were very sad when it melted. There is a good chance we could get some more this week though. I really need to find me some snow boots so I can last longer outside with them.

Thanks for stopping by!


Mara... said...

No white cardstock!!!!! The first layout is great, love the block design. And love the snow angel photo!

Jamilie said...

Love the layouts!! Ohh hair cut! We are in our 3rd cut now.. lol.. Love the pics stuck in the exersaucer.. LOL!

Jill Sarginson said...

Great layouts Kayla - give me some mojo please! :) Abba didn't get her first hair cut until five which was LONG overdue! Her hair will grow better! :)) Great pics as always! :)

Izzyb said...

I love your layouts. Great work. Super cute pics. I love the haircut pic. My almost 3 year old HATES haircuts! Which works out ok because mommy loves his curls!

Heather Landry said...

I am loving all of the pink on that page! I'm with you on the white cardstock. I'm down to my last piece and I'm hoarding it!!! I'm fixing to place an order for more though. I love my clean and simple pages too much to not have white cardstock in my stash. LOL

Yay for dinner out and for snow! I think I'm a bit jealous of the snow... LOL

sarah said...

fun layouts! :)


Sharon said...

Kayla! I love your layouts! And your photos are so adorable! I especially like the hair cut! I know, mom ...they grow up WAY too quickly!

Rita Barakat said...

Love the snow angel! I can't believe how long her hair is!! WOW!

Great layouts girlie!


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